My name is Bob, and I buy houses

Find out more about who I am and how I buy houses so fast.

We buy houses in Dutchess & Putnam Counties and surrounding areas. We are from Dutchess & Putnam Counties and take pride in helping area homeowners sell their house fast and without hassle. We buy homes as investments. Click here to find out more about why we buy houses

Dutchess County Native

I grew up Dutchess County. I live in Hopewell Junction with my wife (and awesome business partner), and our kids.

We always treat people with respect. You can be assured that this is not just an empty statement by reading through testimonials and reviews from recent customers here.

Mission Statement

"To make selling your house as painless and quick as possible while giving you the maximum amount of money for it."


I’m not fly-by-night or an out of state-er. With deep roots here in our beautiful Hudson Valley, I’ve been buying houses quickly and painlessly for almost a decade. You’ll work with me through the entire transaction. There’s no big mega-corporation or slick salespeople. I work hard to make sure you are completely comfortable with selling to me, from the first time you come across this website, until we shake hands at the closing.
Here are some core beliefs of how we operate:

  • Be Empathetic & Respectful
  • Be Humble
  • Always Follow Through
  • Provide the maximum possible purchase price

The bottom line is… this is how I make a living and support my family. Nothing is more important to me than keeping my word and doing the right thing.

  1. Always Follow Through

What I Love About Buying Houses

One of my favorite things is giving relief to people from the stress/strain that their house is causing. I solve their problem by giving them good value for their house, without hassle, in a extraordinarily short amount of time so they can get on with their life. It’s heartening to see the joy on someone’s face when they know they can shed the burden of which they’ve been carrying.

You Found Your Buyer!

Instead of putting your house on the market and waiting weeks or even months for an interested buyer to come along (who may or may not be able to even get a mortgage), you've already found a ready, willing and able buyer here... me!

Get My Cash Offer
Bob transporting a rescue dog

I Buy Houses Fast

When you sell to us, you can expect a fast sale. Paying cash allows us to close faster than most other buyers.

I Am Personally Involved

You won't be dealing with some big corporation when selling to us. You will be dealing directly with me.

We Buy As-Is

Don't worry about making those repairs or even cleaning out that house. We will buy any house exactly the way it is.