Too Many Repairs? How to Sell a Dutchess or Putnam County House Fast

Stop stressing about making too many repairs on your house. You can sell it as-is, to me!

The benefits of selling your fixer-upper to a cash buyer

Getting your home in showroom condition might not be worth it financially.

Home owners are often very surprised how picky buyers are nowadays. Making your home attractive to potential home buyers is necessary for a top-dollar sale. Home buyers want a new kitchen. A modern bath. New heating equipment. And most importantly… no repairs or significant maintenance for the next 10 years. If your house doesn’t have those things, it will sit for months waiting to be sold (costing thousands in taxes, insurance and upkeep.)

“They can buy my house and then fix it up” is often what the home owner thinks. The flaw with that thought is that today’s home buyers very often have very little money saved. They often seek to put as little down as possible using FHA Mortgages that only require a measly 3% down payment. And then by the time they pay for inspections, attorney fees, mortgage tax, moving costs, buying furniture, etc, they are tapped out and have no cash for improvements.

So, they buy a house that has everything they want. They will pay a little more for that, but on a monthly basis, it’s small amount – and CERTAINLY CHEAPER than running up expensive credit card debt to pay for the improvements.

Not being showroom condition could double or triple the amount of time your house lingers on the market, waiting for that one special buyer to come along – one that is willing to go through the cost, effort and life disruption of rehabbing a kitchen or bathroom, and who has enough money saved.

In preparation of selling your property, you must be able to answer this question: will I net out more money after I pay for all repairs and upgrades or will I do better selling now, as-is? If finances are lacking and major repairs are necessary, the question becomes how do you sell a house when you cannot afford to fix it?

Houses Needing Repairs and/or Updates

"Every house has defects," Jack M. Guttentag, Professor of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania states. "Some obvious and some hidden.” Often, major repairs are uncovered after the buyer does a thorough home inspection. When attempting to sell a house fast with repairs, you need to consider these horrible facts about renovations:

Repairs/Updates are Stressful. They disrupt your life and turn your house upside down. They makes a mess. And… during the whole process you are worrying if you are making the right design decisions that will bring top dollar.

Repairs/Updates are Time Consuming. Weeks of getting plans, choosing colors, finishes, etc. Weeks of interviewing and vetting contractors. Weeks of work and disruption while the updates are taking place. All these weeks add up to months... months of delay before you can place your house on the market.

Repairs/Updates are Expensive. Typical bathroom rehab starts at $15,000. Kitchens $30,000. Roof $14,000. Licensed septic system replacement: $16,000. Plus the cost of owning the house for extra months while the work is preformed.

Repairs/Updates are Risky. Did you choose the right colors? The right hardware? Does everything have a cohesive look giving it that showroom wonderfulness? A feature that you love could be the deal-breaker for a buyer. And the biggest risk… will you get more money in your bank account, once you deduct for the extra months of maintenance and pay the bills for the renovations? Is it worth the risk?

Do you really want to deal with things like replacing your roof, deck, or septic system? It'll mean shelling out thousands of dollars and months before even get to list your home.

Building Department Issues

There was a time when you could make additions and improvements to your house and no one would care. That has changed. Porches, decks, finished basements, sheds, pools, etc all need permits now, all need approvals from the local building department. People who have sold to me learned that, while it was fine to make those improvements while they lived in the house, they needed to get approvals for all their hard work before they could sell their house to anyone who needed a mortgage to purchase the house. They learned banks require that there is absolutely no building code issues with the house. So, instead of going though the tedious and expensive process with the building department, they simply sell the house to me. Since I don’t need a mortgage from a bank (I’m buying with cash) I can buy a house with building violations without a problem.

Selling with a MLS Agent As-Is

So how do you sell your fixer-upper? Making repairs is necessary but the thought of hiring contractors is unsavory. Many homeowners decide to hire a Realtor, and selling their house without making repairs, is the only option.

Going the traditional route and using a Realtor to sell a house is tough enough; but selling a house that needs repairs, or updating, is seemingly impossible for even experienced real estate agents. As the 2016 housing market steadily grows, as projected by Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist for, buyers have become more selective with a plethora of homes for sale.

Smoke predicts that six million homes will be sold this year alone, the highest amount of homes sold in a decade. With that kind of supply, sellers must expect more time on the market and fiercer competition.

When selling a house that needs repairs, Realtors often suggest lowering your asking price to shorten your home’s time on market. In theory, this is great. The more time a house spends on the market, the more time a homeowner spends paying the home’s utilities, taxes, and insurance.

However, your Realtor is more concerned with selling and receiving payment than selling your home at top price to the right buyer. Sometimes, using a Realtor means giving up your home’s best chance to sell.

Using a Realtor also comes with unexpected fees, commissions, and unwanted advice on how to manage your property. Yahoo! Finance’s Mandi Woodruff estimates that even after paying the buyer’s commission - generally 3% - For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) cut selling costs in half by avoiding their own broker’s commission. With a median household cost, cutting out a Realtor saves thousands!

A Stress-Free Solution

If you’re looking to sell a house fast with repairs by using contractors, expect large bills, paperwork, and other hassles. Want to hire a Realtor and sell without making repairs? Expect deeps discounts on your price during negotiations, a longer time on market and other complications due to third-party involvement.

If you're looking for a simple, stress-free solution to selling your house, consider selling to me, a cash buyer.

Considering a cash buyer might seem unorthodox, but it’s more common that you may think. 2012’s Investment Issue of Forbes Magazine says about 30 percent of homebuyers used 100 percent cash when purchasing.

Accepting a cash offer eliminates many struggles sellers face when trying to sell a house fast with too many repairs. As a cash buyer, I can offer a much quicker close. This is due to my ability to skip the mortgage process completely. By avoiding banks, selling to a cash buyer means closing and receiving payment within a few weeks – as opposed to the typical 5-9 months. This speed of sell means more money in your pocket, sooner.

As a cash buyer, I also provide more stability/reliability for you. I actually have the money to purchase. I could write you a check, on the spot. I don't have to get anybody else’s approval.

Arguably the best advantage to accepting my cash offer is my desire to buy your home as-is. You needn’t worry about fixing major repairs, updating outdated finishes, or appealing to the average buyer. I want your home just the way it is, and I’m ready to pay a fair value for it.

It's not everyday that you sell a house. The process in New York is a bit tedious. I will be there for every step of the process, updating you, guiding you. I will be there to make it as stress-free as possible.

Get a Cash Offer Quickly

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Our customers often appreciate our no-pressure, empathetic, approach. You won't get a hard sell with us. If the offer we make to buy your house doesn't work for you, you don't have to accept it. No charge. No fees.

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