Relocating? Need to Sell Your Dutchess or Putnam House?

Here’s some options when you’re relocating and need to do something with your current house.

So, you found yourself needing to relocate and aren’t sure what to do with your current house? It’s an unnecessary stress of many, especially military families in Dutchess & Putnam Counties. But rest assured – we have a solution. Here are some options on what you can do if you’re relocating with some pros and cons.

Sell Your House

The first option is probably the most obvious – the option to sell your current house. But did you know that there is more than just one way of selling? Here are three of most common ways of selling your property for relocating.

Sell Your House Using a Realtor

For Sale via REALTOR

Selling your house using a Real Estate Agent is the most common option, however, there are some pros and cons you have to consider if you wish to sell your house after relocating.


  • If your house is in showroom condition, you’ll likely get the maximum return without having to do all the work yourself.


  • It will take 5-8 months (or longer!) before the deal is closed.
  • Agents are not cheap – be prepared to pay 5-6% in commissions.
  • You have to make the house perfect. Renovations. Cleaning. Updating. All necessary… which will delay the selling process.

Sell Your House For Sale By Owner – FSBO

House For Sale By Owner

Selling your house yourself will put you in the thick of it. Marketing and negotiation skills are a must.


  • No sales commissions.


  • You have to know the local market and are responsible for promoting your house.
  • You have to have excellent communication and negotiation skills.
  • You have to know the steps and laws of selling your house in New York State.

Rent Out Your House

If selling your house now is not the best option, renting it may be an alternative.

You’ll need to have a hands-on approach as you will become a landlord. Renting out a house would suit best those who are still staying in the area after relocation. However, there are options such as hiring a property manager.


  • You might receive a steady amount of money monthly.
  • Landlords benefit from many tax advantages as well as mortgage interest deductions.
  • You might see some appreciation in the property value.


  • You will need to stay on top of all house repairs to comply with NYS law.
  • Due to common tenant disputes, you likely need a lawyer.
  • Property manager fees if you can’t maintain the property yourself and stay compliant with the law when dealing with the tenants.

Tips for renting a house:

  • Make sure you inspect the entire property and renovate what is necessary.
  • Pick the right tenants! You are able to run all necessary checks possible to ensure your future tenant is able to pay his or hers rent.
  • Learn and become an expert on the draconian NYS landlord-tenant laws.
  • Have a reserve of money ready to be able to pay for any surprise repairs, or long vacancies.

Sell Your House to a Cash House Buying Company

Another option is to sell your house to a house-buying company. This gives you the best of both worlds. You won’t have to worry about any repairs, you save on commission costs and you can receive a quote in just days.

Bob Will Buy It! gives you a cash offer quickly and you can close it whenever you want. I can buy your house in a matter of weeks.

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